Reliable integrated systems design

/webdav/site/si/shared/reliable_scale.jpgDesign of reliable, safe and secure integrated systems

As integrated systems become ubiquitously present, it becomes mandatory that their operation is reliable and robust. On one hand systems are given control of critical functions (vehicular control, medical control). On the other hand, we are confronted with both the downscaling of silicon technologies (beyond the 90nm node) and the perspectives of using nano-fabrication technologies which have intrinsically higher failure rates. Research must address the combination of new device-level error-prone technologies within systems that must deliver to the user a high level of dependability. The new techniques have to be compatible with existing constraints for system integration, such as low energy consumption, which were not present in the design of large fault-tolerant systems of the past. Moreover, data security at all levels is a continuous and pressing requirement (e.g., for medical and financial data). Realizing data secure integrated systems requires the application of various techniques at different levels, including hardware and software.