Video presentations

Giovanni De Micheli

Giovanni De Micheli

Digital design

Design should be as simple as possible, but not simpler
NSF Workshop Keynote (Washington DC, 2020)

Democratic Circuits - ITC Keynote (Washington DC, 2019)

Networks on Chips

Goode Medal Award Interview (Atlanta, 2016) Final video (complete version) Final video (short version)

Biosensing systems

Lab under the skin - 2013


LSI Research Laboratory (2018)
Research in EE@EPFL (2015)
Nanosystems: Politecnico di Milano 2012

Other Events

Goode Medal Award (Atlanta, 2016)

Research in Electrical Engineering@EPFL (2015 - all presentations - in French)

Jerry Yang (Yahoo!) receiving a Doctor HC from EPFL and speech (2010)

Nano-Tera/Artist Summer School on Embedded System Design 2012